The Dharmik is a community portal dedicated to different religions in India. India is a democratic country with 100 + religion and more than 1000 languages spoken in different part of the country. It is one of the oldest culture in the history of globe, so thedharmik.com is a try to collect all those information which with the passage of time fade away from our memory for you at this platform, so that you can timely recall or get more information on it. From Mahabharat to Ramayan, Bodhidharma of 16th century an Indian monk to Patanjali – a God of Yoga. you will find information about all those great Indian personalities you might never heard before. So subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated with latest and ancient information which you never comes across elsewhere.

Moving ahead we even aim to provide up to date information about NGO’s across India their activity and benefits to resident of India. We are even going to provide information about all holy places, temples, church, mosque, gurudwara etc across India and their speciality such as Nishkalank Mahadev temple in koliyak, bhavnagar is known for sea water covering the temple after 7.00 pm. Capture all religion activity such as Janmashtami, Rathyatra, Diwali, Holi, Pongal and lot more. Not only that we even aim to provide you information about Handcraft material which is made especially by small scale industry, religion books, arts and lot more, so stay tuned.


To reach more & more people and create awareness about our great personalities their efforts and bring cultural awareness.


To help India to Grow by helping people to live healthy life.