Type of Dosha in Ayurveda and its Attributes


Ayurveda is thousands of year old healing system driven by the concept that good health is the right balance of spirit, mind, and body.

It is widely known to be based on maintaining balance in the body through massage, specific diets, herbs, right exercise and aromatherapy.

What is Dosha

As per this ancient concept, everything is a unification of five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and space. All these five elements are present in the body that lead to generating three energies, called doshas. These doshas are Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. In everybody all three doshas are present with at least one dominant doshas.

When the balance of these doshas is not regulated it disturbs the natural flow of bodily energy, also called prana. This, in turn, leads to digestion and allow the accumulation of body waste.

Types of Dosha

Vata Dosha

This is a fusion of air and space which is liable to control basic body movements like cell multiplication, breathing and circular of cells.

The body parts and areas that are dominant in Vata dosha include bones, large intestine, ears, skin and thighs. Vats dosha dominant people are often quick-thinking, fast, thin, and are prone to dry skin, constipation, and anxiety.

Kapha Dosha

It is dominant of earth and water which is a major source of immunity, strength, and growth.

The body parts where Kapha dosha is found include lungs, spinal fluid, and the chest. People having Kapha as primary dosha are mostly calm, have a strong body structure and are more susceptible to obesity, gallbladder issues, diabetes, and sinus congestion.

Pitta Dosa

The pitta dosha is the combination of water and fire which controls hormones and the digestive system of our body. The body parts where Pitta doshas are found include stomach, skin, intestines, eyes and blood. Such people, with pitta doshas, displays a fiery demeanor, oily skin, and are mostly prone to stomach ulcers, heartburn, heart disease, inflammation, and arthritis.


These are some of the major doshas that have been prominent in one or other peoples’ body. These doshas are instrumental in analyzing the overall health check and behavior of any person. Ayurveda, being the most ancient way of healing, has been around about 5000 to 6000 years ago when people were looking to find out new ways of healthy living. This is what Ayurveda is all about – centuries old way of healthy living, and we are moving back to this way of living in today’s world.


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