Experience God Through Meditation!


Anyone can actually experience God by practicing meditation. Experiencing three attributes – concord, delight and love gives you the heavenly experience of god. Indian Yogis are getting repeated experiences of the same with several attributes – wisdom, joy, harmony, love and power and if anyone tune his or herself consciously will reach the world of god and united with his love. Tune yourself into peace surrounded with nature and meditate there, you will feel all goodness and can able to overcome all your troubles and worries.

Always pray before involving in any meditation activity. Escape from negativity vibrations, are danger. Give freedom to your soul, it’s positive. Instead of making mind blank, fill it with full of peacefulness and calmness. Move consciously towards positive direction and find yourself with peace and joy. There are some dangerous chances of reaching the state of subconsciousness. Don’t rise towards it. Be conscious about your goal. Don’t waste your efforts of getting into the state of subconsciousness and put extra effort to attain super consciousness.

It is said that burdens are cleansed by meditation and will bring devotional moments into lives. Don’t restrict yourself inside your home and fly like a bird, there are realistic places, trees, mountains where you can see birds and other creatures and you can feel fresh air that will give you the godly touch.

Don’t force yourself into spirituality, drive yourself only if your soul requires it. Spirituality should happen naturally not logically. It should grow like a tree and you should nurture it from small plant.

Think there is a long path to reach goal and you should travel countless miles to reach god, which will result as the life-time achievement. Peace is a powerful vehicle to reach god and we should fuel it to make it more powerful that will power and strengthen us. Powerful soul can reach god. From the recommendation of “Swami Kriyananda”, we should assume that this world is not permanent and we could die during night before we woke up so nothing is permanent. With this attitude, one should get into meditation. This is extremely beneficial to free from daily troubles and worldly enlargements and with this attitude, one can procure the expensive peace.

Yogis feel God in different aspects and they experience God as “Concord, Tranquil, Light, Nature, Sound, Power, Wisdom and Love”.

  • Light: It’s true, when you look at the point of the candle light, you can see him as light.
  • Sound: When you listen to the pleasant noise, you can feel God. It’s a faith that physical exercises can give you the ultimate power.
  • Power: No matter how long you run or how long you exercise heavily but you can gain double the power at the end. Yoga is the right path to reach God.
  • Love: You can derive all of god’s attributes from Love
  • Joy: Live your life joyfully, instead of waiting to achieve it. It’s a secret of heavenly life
  • Wisdom: Understand your life and dream it before you live because life is a dream. Give importance only to love and prioritize love in front.

These are several factors to reach god through meditation.


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