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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born in Shinveri which is nearby to the city of Junnar in Pune district and he is also known as Shivaji Bhonsle and he was an Indian Warrior King who was also a member of Bhonsle Maratha Clan. Shivaji has crowned as the “Chhatrapati”. Shahaji Bhonsle was a father of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and he was a maratha general. Shivaji was devoted extremely to his mother “Jijabai”. He is influenced by two epics “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata”. He is highly influenced within religious teachings.

Shivaji Maharaj Jeyanti

Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti is celebrated as his Birth Anniversary on 19 February every year in Maharashtra. It is the 369th anniversary today. There are a few interesting facts regarding this rule are given below:

  • The Maharashtra Government declared his birthday as “Shivaji Maharaj Jeyanti” but Shiva Sena wants the anniversary to be celebrated on his “Tithi” as per the Hindu Calendar which is the Falgun Vadya Tritiya.
  • It is believed that Shivaji Maharaj was named after Lord Shiva which is untrue and it’s true that Shivaji has named after Goddess Shivaai, since his mother prayed for him to her
  • Shivaji was a secular ruler who had generous numbers of muslims in his army.
  • Shivaji over through the Mughal Territory and wanted to make Maratha Empire not Hindu Empire
  • The first fort namely “Torna” was captured by Shivaji towards building a Maratha Empire
  • Shivaji was also called as “Father of Indian Army” because he was thought about establishing a Navy to protect the coastline and none of them during that period had thought about it
  • Shivaji gave complete protection to women in his kingdom and none of them was allowed to harm the women and strict punishment was given to men those who act against women
  • King Shivaji was a great admirer of Hindu Saint Samarath Ramadas and Shivahji has given Parali Fort to this saint. Samarath Ramadas wrote the famous poem Shivastuti to praise the King
  • Shivaji has received a honor and great appreciation for escaping from the attack of Afzal Khan
  • Shivaji was also defeated the famous governor Shayista Khan
  • King has designed many military tactics and strategies and introduced Guerilla Warfare Tactics
  • Shivaji was imprisoned by the king of Mughal Aurangzeb and lost many forts in the treaty of Purander, but later then he got escaped from the prison and recover few of his treasures back


Since Shivaji was the great King of Maharashtra, they are fond of this great king and want to give his a huge respect on his birthday. Every year his birthday anniversary is celebrated on 19th of February month by Marathi people. He is believed as the creator of Maratha Region.


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