Thaipusam Festival


Thai + Pusam = Thaipusam; Thai is a Tamil month and Pusam denotes star. Since the star “Pusam” will be highest point during festival day, people combined both words to form name of the “Thaipusam” festival. Thaipusam is celebrated by Hindu People and mostly it’s a famous festival for Tamil Community People. Generally, it is celebrated on Full Moon Day. Thaipusam is also renamed as Thaipoosam. Tamil Community People those who are living in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Myanmar, Jamaica and several regions of Caribbean also celebrating grant “Thaipusam” festival. Thaipusam festival is celebrated to honor the God “Murugan” and this day remembers the special occasion of God Murugan received Spear from his mother Goddess Parvati. This festival is purely talking about the Hinduism. People believe that “Thaipusam” smears birthday of God Murugan.

People pray on this special day mainly to receive the grace of God Murugan and by means of praying him people believe that they can destroy all their bad traits. Celebrations of this festival will be getting done in most of the temples of God “Murugan”. During this festival several extraordinary efforts are undertaken by devotees for their god and it marks the intense of Hinduism and Hindu People towards worship. People pierce their bodies for their prayers and some of them walk for long distance by carrying offerings. People do unexpected assault on their sense and they cover their body by hooks, balancing huge Kavadis on heads and some on cheeks pierced with spears in wood or brass. People carry Kavadis of maximum 80 pounds with fully decorated peacock decorations and other dolls on it. Most of the women devotees carry milk pots on their head for their God.

Devotees do fasting for 48 days in approximation and men do shave their hair on head completely and women cut half of their hairs. Kavadi Bearers should do fasting for 48 days and they should only intake satvik food once in every day. They must be very clean and take pure vegetarian food and they should not consume alcohol during fasting and even till the festival gets done. Kavadi Attam is so popular among men and they should bear the heavy weight Kavadis during the festival day. People choose kavadi based on their physical strength and among all, simplest kavadi is a one of semi-circular decorated with canopy wooden rod which will be very easy and looking simple and carrying on shoulders.

Thaipusam festival is an excitement to people of state Tamil Nadu. The most goose bumping prayer is piercing 108 spears on throughout the body. People believe that they don’t get any pain and even wound or single marks where they do piercing. Fire walking and Whipping are also practiced by few of devotees during “Thaipusam”.


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