Are you Spiritual? How to be One?


Spirituality is a way of life. It is not about any specific practice. How you lead your life – happily or not is what spirituality is. If you nurture your body, soul, mind, energies and emotions in a specific way and bring them to a certain level of maturity – you come close to spiritual. When you can see everything unbiased and in a completely different light – you become spiritual.

How to Follow Spiritual Path?

If you are looking to follow a spiritual path, you find following in your life:

Purpose or life

Spirituality is about searching for the purpose and meaning of your life. Once you find it, it will become your driving force. You must align something bigger than our body and mind to be spiritual.

Love and Oneness

We want love and completeness in lives. It could either be in a community, or in an alignment with the universe, or even aligning with the God. For this, we receive and offer unconditional love to bring a sense of completeness and acceptance.

Answers about ourselves

Questions like “Who I am?”, “What I am doing here?” etc. keep hammering our brain and motivate us to understand how life works and also about to ourselves.


There is a great drive in several of us to grow in life, push the boundaries and reach our full potential. It helps us grow continuously, lives a target based life, grow our mind, cultivate values and broaden our consciousness.

Achieve Pease, Happiness and Overcome Hardships and Sufferings

Hardship is the first gate of spirituality for most of the people. Many external factors influence our happiness and sufferings. Spirituality assists gain balance, breaks the dependency on external factors, and inspires us to celebrate our life.


This is understood differently in by different traditions and communities. We have a great urge to experience ultimate peace or liberty, to know the truth who we are and where we go.

Exploring the Mystery

Exploring other aspects of life and reality shows our anxiety about knowledge, experience, and thrill.  We try to find out the mysteries of nature and life.

These are some of the basic reasons for exploring spirituality.


Through right knowledge, offerings, meditation, energy and services we can gain spirituality and these are the factors of all spiritual practice. You can practice these and keep growing in your journey to spirituality.


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