Myths about Yoga


Myth No.1: Believing that you’re not stretchy to practice Yoga

It’s not that you must be flexible to practice yoga. Everyone should know that anyone can’t do yoga poses with beach or nature background overnight and it seeks time, attention and proper diet food. To attain such position, you should start your practice and continue which seeks reasonable time duration.

Myth No. 2: Only Young people can do Yoga

No age eligibility criteria are followed to do Yoga and this is the one practice to people of all age groups. Grandmother along with her grandparent can join classes and workout together.

Myth No. 3: Yoga seeks more time

Some people think that they must waste their time for yoga practices, as they never think about the inner benefits of it likewise some wise people want to spend their valuable time to reap the benefits of such practices, thus we can conclude that people with the mentality of reaping benefits from Yoga will get more benefits whereas your mentality will decide what you’re going to reap out.

Myth No. 4: One must change his or her lifestyle

It’s not that you should change your lifestyle and it’s advisable for anyone to adapt himself or herself to be vegan and mainly junk food is avoidable.

Myth No. 5: Follow the trainer

Whenever trainer does some poses, it looks elegant and there must be a change found while you’re doing it. It’s not that you resemble the same because you can’t get a flexible body in one day. Whenever your body requires some relaxation, you must respect and take some rest.

Myth No. 6: Yoga causes definite pain

Beginners will get mild pain while doing yoga but later you will reap benefits out of it

Myth No. 7: Book knowledge is enough

Practices are required whereas yoga concerns and book gives you a theoretical understanding about Yoga practices.

Myth No. 8: Gym practices are equivalent to yoga practices

Yoga ensures on all your emotions every time when you do some practices and this is impossible in case of Gym practices. Yoga can cure various diseases and it’s a complete practice for people which brings lots of energy to do more practices

Myth No. 9: Hot Yoga will reduce weight

People believe that Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga can reduce 1000 calories in a room heated 104 degrees within 90 minutes but it’s proved that average burn rate is 460 calories in men and 330 calories in women

Myth No. 10: Both night and morning is the best time to Yoga

Morning is the best time to do yoga before breakfast or in the early evening before sunset and for all stretching and breathing exercises, you can use the entire day to attain a peace of mind.


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