Yoga Tips, if you are New to Yoga


I am sure at some point in time you must have thought of yoga! You might have gained the information that it is a great practice to live a healthy life. It’s time to understand how to state yoga and what are the steps you need to follow!

To state with you should not bother about if you are not able to do yoga asanas in your initial days. In fact, yoga is not about bending downwards to touch your toes or stretching 65 degrees to stretch your arm. It’s actually a great but simple process to discover yourself and having a connectivity and connection amongst your mind, body and soul through your body, mind and breath. Let’s have a look at those tips that can bring you close to your self-realization being a beginner in yoga!

  1. Search Right Resource / Guru

    When you have decided to learn yoga, the best way to start is to learn it under the supervision of some expert. A yoga teacher can lead you through the right process of performing yoga. This would help you learn yoga asana in right way and also the ways in which it should not be done.

Right Attire

You should have in comfortable and right clothing during yoga sessions. It is recommended to remove any excessive accessories like belt, jewellery etc.

Be Empty Stomac

It is recommended not to eat anything before doing yoga. It will yield you best results. If you have forgotten this and have eaten anything wait for 2-3 hours before starting yoga. In addition, do not forget to drink 3-4 liters of water in the day time to flush out the toxins that is released while doing yoga.

Do Yoga Everyday

Practicing yoga every day is the key to generating right results. So be religious and make it an everyday ritual.

Be Cheerfu

Keeping a gentle smile relaxes the body and mind and helps you enjoy the yoga asanas much more. With a calm mind, you can push your body’s limits further and stretch more than usual.

Take One Step at a Time

Yoga requires gradual exploration and not doing everything in haste. Do only that much as you are comfort with. First, improve flexibility and then strive for harder.

Relax After each Asana

Do not get things done hurriedly. Once you complete one asana it is mandatory to take some breath before switching to the next. It will cool down your body and prepare it for next asana.

Lastly, pranayama is the most precious of all asanas as it relaxes your body after each asana. Give yourself some time, stay fit and healthy through yoga and make life flexible, calm, healthy, and efficient.


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